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why does it bother so many people that other people use the word yall in text

Is a conveniently short slightly-more-explicitly-plural second person plural really that horrible to you fuckin 9th grade english class prescriptivist fucks

"you" is shorter

'You' is also damn ambiguous since it could be plural or singular, so there's no reason people deciding to be more specific and using a word with one more (repeated, no less) letter to convey that is something worth so many people getting so irritated by.

Seriously, complaining about its use serves almost no purpose but to make the complainer feel that their own personal way of wielding the english language is somehow better than other people’s.

"hey you wanna come to my barbecue" sounds like I’m hitting on you specifically, and not inviting a bunch of drunken hicks to my meat social.
How dare you, johnny.

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